The Earl’s Menu

Main Menu
(available Monday-Saturday, lunchtime & evening)

Marinated Olives, Aromatics, Caper & Cornichon  6.50

Rustic Breads, Flavoured Butters  2.50

Honey & Thyme Box Baked Camembert, Chutney & Croutes (suitable for 2 to share) 15.50


Sussex Soup of the Day  8.50

Sussex Game Terrine, Sherry, Waldorf, Pear, Pink Peppercorn 10.50

Partridge Kiev, Wild Garlic, Polenta, Pine Nut  10.00

Octopus, Miso, Grapefruit, Mouli, Soy, Sesame  12.50

Hazelnut & Stilton Soufflé, Smoked Onion, Saffron  (v) 9.50

Jersey Oysters, Red Onion, Pickle, Lemon  4.00 each

Shetland Mussels, Shallot, Parsley & Cider Cream  Starter/Main 12.50/18.50


Southdowns Lamb, Swede, Seeds, Hasselback, Spruce  26.50

Chicken, Camomile, Cockle Raviolo, Carrot, Coleman’s Créme  21.50

Hake, Hogweed, Buckwheat, Curried Crustaceans, Aloo Gobi  24.50

Teryaki Tofu, Pullet’s Egg, Watermelon, Dashi (v)  19.50

Beer Battered Fish, Hand Cut Chips, Peas, Tartare Sauce  18.50

Short Crust Pie, Mash, Runcton Greens, Remoulade, Jus  (please ask for today’s filling)  19.50

Rib Eye Steak, Hand Cut Chips, Grilled Mushroom & Tomato,
(with Garlic Butter or Peppercorn Sauce)  29.50


Hand Cut Chips, Seasoned Fries, Mash Potato, Remoulade,
Runcton Greens   4.75 each

Truffle Parmesan Chive Fries  5.50

Lighter Bites
(available Monday – Saturday, lunchtime only)

Tea & Marmalade Ham, Hand Cut Chips, Hallgate Duck Egg  14.50

Sussex Sausages, Chive Mash, Shallot Gravy  14.50

Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs on a Seeded Bagel  12.50

Sandwiches- all served open, with fries & remoulade

Roast Rib of Beef, Smoked Onion  11.50

Fishfingers, Lemon Tartare Sauce  9.50

Brie de Meux, Beetroot, Pickles  9.50

Sandwich of the Day (please ask for today’s filling) 10.50